Pal Palm

Palm is a part of the body who massage that contact to a part of body who is massaged. Thus, Palm is a main part that contact bodies.

Palm is a pal of muscles. Muscles need the Palm to calm it doem. The Palm knows where muscles want to go and be done.

Therefore, here comes the Pal Palm.

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Pal Palm :

A well-trained Massager who is certificated to be “Pal Palm” is the one who is a friend of your muscle. Pal Palm knows how to calm the knot of muscle lines in order to calm the owner of the body in the better way of retaining health from invisible harm from routine activities.

Guest :

A user who enters into IRIYABOD place will be treated as a good friend, not a patient. Guests will feel free to tell their Pal Palm about the problems of the pain and cause of the pain. Are you working too much on your office chair? Are you walking too hard from the distant path? Just tell your Pal Palm. The Pal Palm will listen intentionally and analyze the problems carefully through the conversations in order to find the suitable massage methods for every guest.

Meet Palpalm

Tarn :

Traveller, Explorer and Massager are most she fall in love. With caress touch she attened on you like you are one of her family.

Ann :

Workig with good attitude is her life quote. With over 10 years experiece of Thai Massage, a lot of technics ad knowlege , make sure that you will coming out with better body and soul.